What To Do & Where To Stay/Dine In Seaside, Florida

There is a reason The Truman Show was taped in Seaside, Florida. The movie arguably put the 30A town on the proverbial map. And tourists like me are so happy this gem was discovered!

If I had to use one word to describe Seaside, it would be charming. From the cobblestone streets to the quaint cottages that line the coastal town, to the mom and pop coffee shop, you feel like you stepped right back to 1960.  Well, with the exception of the prices. Those definitely have kept up with modern times.  But the pure beauty is worth the cost. First the sand is pure white and is as soft as cashmere.  The water is emerald green and see through from nose to toes. You can walk or bike anywhere in the town, day or night. From homemade ice cream to a local candy shop, it’s a kids paradise. All the restaurants have “a view” and the smell of fresh sea food floats through the air like a magical hot air ballon.

We stayed at The HomeOwners Collection, which is made of a handful of precious cottages. I mean, how cute is this blue Southern home? Most all the rentals have screened in porches which are perfect one butt-whippin’ game of Uno. Or to a more refined audience, it would be perfect for sipping champagne at sunset. Bottom line, there are no motels in Seaside, so you have to rent a home or cottage. I liked the HomeOwners Collection because these homes are owned and maintained by families, yet rented out nearly year around to tourists.

As far as the food, well you can’t go wrong with endless amounts of crap cakes and shrimp. Bud and Alleys is my favorite spot to overlook the ocean and enjoy a fresh catch! But if you want to switch it up, I would suggest Barefoot Barbeque. Your pallet will thank me, if you enjoy spicy barbecue with a twist. Plus, it’s run out of an airstream so the seating is outside with picnic tables …  and barefoot, hence the name. For the vegetarians, they even sell a portobello mushroom sandwich that will have your mouth salivating.

When it comes to entertainment, you can rent bikes, catch a movie on the green at the town square, spend a day perusing the local boutiques, take a much needed nap on the beach, or enjoy an old fashion game of hopscotch on the sidewalk!

No matter what you do or where you stay and dine,  you simply can’t go wrong with Seaside, Florida. It’s a true paradise just 4 hours from Birmingham! Don’t forget the sunscreen!


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