The Hunt For A Strapless Bra That Actually Fits


Finding the perfect strapless bra is nearly impossible. I have purchased dozens over the years. And not a single one of them, I actually like.  They are too padded. Or too see through. They slip down. The don’t hold me properly. They turn my two boobs into one boob.  They make me feel like a boa constrictor is wrapped around me, squeezing out my last breath. 

At 41, I had nearly given up hope that I would ever find a strapless bra I actually liked, let alone loved….until I found this one. I went to Amazon and typed in strapless bra. Hundreds of them came up. But this one caught my eye. I figured, for only $16.49, why not give it a try. I was shocked when it arrived and I tried it on. It fit perfectly. And here is what I loved about it.

(FYI – This is NOT an ad. I paid for this bra … and it was worth every penny!)

  1. It is made from 81% nylon and 19% elastane  blend – so you don’t sweat in it.
  2. It is lined so your nipples don’t show through clothing, but it is not padded or bulky.
  3. It has straps that you can add on, if needed
  4. It still has an underwire, but it is wrapped, so it doesn’t jab you like so many underwires do.
  5. It has a rubber type strip on the top, so the bra actually stays on your boobs, instead of slipping down and ending up around your belly button.
  6. It has a small seam in the front so your boobs stay separated, instead of a uni-boob.

If you want to search it on Amazon yourself, just type in this:

“Lilyette by Bali Women’s Tailored Strapless Minimizer Bra, Body Beige.”


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