My January Book Pick

It is no secret I love the library. I love everything about that place. The smell. All those books. And the quiet. I get great joy from picking up an old hardcopy and finding a corner to sit and read. Books have always taken me to remote places, on wild love affairs and into hidden worlds created by the authors. The suspension of disbelief gets me every single time … you know, when you sink so far into a novel, you forget about all of your own worries. I remember as a little girl, using a flashlight to read books under my blanket, well past my bedtime. My parents turned a blind eye, and I’m so grateful they did. Books really were my first love. This is my most recent pick and I read it in two days.  Yep, it is that good!

By the title, you might think this is a motivational book, but it’s not. I would better describe it as a thought provoking STORY, centered around a woman named Camille, and written in a way that makes readers examine every inch of their own life. Are we choosing the life we want to live, or are we just living a life we inherited from routine? The French author even sneaks in some steps to help all of us attain inner peace. If you have ever asked yourself, “What am I doing with my life?” … you need to check out this book. Literally.  It’s at the library.


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