Letter to My Middle Child

Dear Middle Child,
I will never know exactly what it feels like to be the one in between two others; but here is what I do know. You may feel like your older sibling gets all the attention because school work is more demanding and activities take up more time. You may feel like your younger sibling gets the rest of me because, well, toddlers just need so much help navigating life. And you may feel like you are always the one waiting… waiting for your mommy to be freed up. I want you to know that I am waiting too. I’m waiting for every evening that I can snuggle up to you at bedtime, all alone, while we read our books. I’m waiting to see if what I poured into your older sibling spills onto you- things like writing thank you notes to neighbors and helping your grandparents. I’m waiting everyday to hear your stories about what happened at school and on the playground. I’m waiting to see if what I poured into your younger sibling spills onto you- things like sharing with others and being patient when the world seems to move faster than your feet will allow. You see, you are so lucky as the middle child. You are independent. You think outside the box. You are an excellent team player and partner, perhaps thanks to your birth order. People like you, because you get it. You get that life doesn’t revolve just around you, middle child. This will help you tremendously as an adult. You understand you might have to fight to be heard at home sometimes, but the fight makes you stronger. Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. were both middles. They were also visionaries and respected leaders. You my son, don’t ever have to wait for mommy to be freed up. Giving birth to you made me the most free. And ultimately, made you that way too.


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